Leadership Matters

Dear Pontiac Twp. HS District 90 School Community:

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!  We look forward to growing our relationship with you in serving your child and our community.  PTHS District 90 continues our mission to enhance connections with parents and the greater community. Building relationships across our school community will best serve student learning as they prepare for college and careers.

We continue to develop and evaluate our school improvement plan including a significant area focused on family and community engagement. Our District Leadership Team self evaluated community engagement needs leading to the formation of a Compact, and the formation of a School Community Council with at least 50% of members being parent and community representatives. The Compact highlights expectations for student success through the collective responsibilities among students, teachers and parents. We believe a student’s greatest potential is achieved through meeting the shared expectations established throughout the Compact. Click here to view our Compact.

Through our School Community Council and parent feedback on surveys, we have evolved over the past three years from small Community Cafe’s to Parent Pow Wow meetings with sessions you identified as important.  This year, we have grown to a back to school Open House on September 3 beginning with a complimentary Spaghetti Supper for our families sponsored by the PTHS District 90 Education Foundation.  There will be sessions offered for parents to select to attend and all teachers will be here to begin positive relationships to help our students.

We will be at community events and groups to engage in dialogue about important school issues. I have attached a link to a very brief engagement “survey.” Please feel free to provide suggestions and share it with others across our district: Community Engagement Survey

Thank you for your efforts and support through family and community connections at PTHS!

Jon Kilgore, Superintendent

Community Forum Podcasts

10-13-15 Audit Results and Roof
8-26-15 Eric Bohm Family Feast
8-12-15 Eric Bohm, Joseph Durbin, Gene Burnett – PTHS Alumni Committee
5-12-15 School Board Meeting
2-25-15 Distinguished Alumni Award
2-10-15 School Board Meeting
1-28-15 Paul Ritter and students – Headstone Project
1-13-15 Curriculum and Valedictory
12-9-14 Athletic Director
12-3-14 Joseph Durbin and students – 48th Madrigal Dinner
10-15-14 School Board Meeting
9-12-14 Big Weekend at PTHS
9-17-14 Joseph Durbin and students – Vocal Music, Homecoming Fundraiser
8-28-14 Jon Kilgore, Guidance Department – September 3rd Event
5-13-14 Board Meeting, Energy Efficiency Grant