Faculty Sponsors:   Tom McElweeEric Sweetwood

Scholastic Bowl is an IHSA sanctioned and regulated event in which teams of students compete against each other in diverse academic subjects, including mathematics, language arts/literature, history, geography, science, and other miscellaneous subjects.  Our school supports a Varsity (Juniors & Seniors) and a Junior-Varsity Team (Freshmen & Sophomores).  The season runs from mid-November through early March.  Our team practices twice weekly, usually after school, and students who desire to be members of the team are expected to be regular attendees at these practices.  Play time will be negatively affected by failure to attend practice.  Most of the time, our Varsity and JV teams will practice separately, but sometimes we will work together.  Only five members of the team can play at a time, although we can usually take ten to a meet.  Obviously, we want to give everyone ample opportunity to compete, but we also must consider the needs of the team to be competitive, so the strongest players will get the majority of the play time.  Because this is an IHSA sanctioned event, students are required to participate in our school’s drug testing program, and they are also under the restrictions of our school’s grade requirements.  Students who fall below allowable grade levels are required to attend mandatory study sessions, according to the guidelines provided in the school’s handbook