Pontiac Peer Club

The mission of The Pontiac Peer Club is to create a positive environment within PTHS and serve as an outlet for our peers to utilize when struggling with difficulties in their own lives.

Are you struggling with a problem? Do you need to sit down and talk with a member of our Peer Club about a difficult situation you’re going through?

To get connected with a member of the Pontiac Peer Club please contact anyone listed below.

  • Members are expected to be respectful and kind with any peers they interact with.
  • Discussions are to be held confidentially unless there is a risk to someone’s safety.
  • All discussions are to always be non-judgmental.
  • All members are expected to be supportive and positive.
Albrecht, Sarah 18salbre@pontiac90.org Cheer, NHS, Student Council, Key Club, HOSA, Choir
Becker, Ashlynn 18abecke@pontiac90.org Basketball
Betts, Amayah 18abetts@pontiac90.org Basketball, HOSA
Brinkman, Kailey 18kbrink@pontiac90.org Softball, HOSA
Duffy, Jacob 18jduffy@pontiac90.org Baseball, Basketball, Football
Dunham, Sara 18sdunha@pontiac90.org Flags, Band, St. Mary’s Youth Group
Gierich, Justin 18wgieri@pontiac90.org
Giovanini, Ellen 19egiva@pontiac90.org Volleyball, Key Club
Grieff, Jakob 18jgrief@pontiac90.org Football, Baseball, NHS
Hall, Alexis 18ahall@pontiac90.org Principal’s Advisory, Golf, Student Council
Hirsch, Melisa 20mhirsc@pontiac90.org Tech Club, Chorus
Legner, Hannah 19hlegne@pontiac90.org Volleyball
Masching, Meghan 18mmasch@pontiac90.org Golf, Basketball
McDonald, Erika 19emcdon@pontiac90.org Football
Meiner, Grace 19gmeine@pontiac90.org Football & Basketball Cheer, Key Club
Monical, Colin 19cmonic@pontiac90.org Chorus, Student Council, Principal’s Advisory
Muir, Olivia 18omuir@pontiac90.org Key Club, Madrigals, Cheer, Tri-M
Pickett, Liam 18lpicke@pontiac90.org Football, Baseball, NHS, St. Mary’s Youth Grp.
Schopp, Star 19sschop@pontiac90.org FCCLA, FFA
Sexton, Tyrah 18tsexto@pontiac90.org NHS, Tri-M, Science Club, Math Team, Band, Chorus, Scholastic Bowl
Wallace, Hannah 20hwalla@pontiac90.org Chorus, Band, Student Council, Peers in Action, Scholastic Bowl
Weir, Adam 21aweir@pontiac90.org Golf, Basketball, Baseball
Wright, Madison 19mwrigh@pontiac90.org Volleyball, Student Council