This year the SAT will be given to all 11th graders on April 10, 2018.  The SAT will replace the PARCC assessment as the required high school exam in Illinois.  There will be no student costs for this SAT and scores will be able to be submitted to colleges for admission and scholarship decisions.   The SAT is similar in design to the ACT, and most colleges place equal weight on the results from either test.

In preparation of the SAT, freshman, sophomore, and junior students will be provided practice SATs (PSAT 8/9 or PSAT/NMSQT) in October of this year.  For additional information regarding the PSAT, please visit the College Board website at: Those results will be found on the College Board website, after creating an account here.

Since colleges and universities will accept either the ACT or the SAT for admission, students may still choose to take the ACT, and the ACT will still be offered at PTHS on September 9.  To register for the ACT, please visit  In addition to the April 10th date, the SAT will be offered at PTHS on October 7, March 10, and June 2.  To register for the SAT, please visit