PTHS is proud to provide 1:1 laptops to students for use both in and out of school. Laptops loaned to every student ensure access to uniform, high performing technology and give them the tools to access, process, and comprehend information anywhere. This emphasis on student centered learning encourages students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in a collaborative environment.

Laptop Check-In Information:

  • When do I turn in my laptop?
    • Laptop Check-In is during finals.  Please turn in your laptop as soon as you no longer need it for class to avoid long lines.
      laptops that are not returned will be considered stolen.
  • What if I can’t find my laptop?
    • All missing laptops must be reported to the Student Help Desk in Room 109A in order to start tracking.
  • What if part of my laptop is damaged?
    • Normal wear and tear to the case will not incur a charge.  Accidental damage to the laptop is covered by insurance.  You will only be charged for missing parts, severe case damage, and intentional damage.
  • What will a missing part cost?
    • AC Adapter
    • Case
    • Strap
    • Headphones
  • How do I pay for missing or damaged parts?
    • You may pay by cash or check to Pontiac Township High School when you turn in the laptop or at the main office.
  • What will happen to my files?
    • The laptop will be re-imaged and all files on them will be lost.  To save your files, sync them to your H: drive or move them to your home computer.
  • Will I be issued the same laptop next year?
    • Yes, you will use the same laptop and case throughout your education at PTHS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I need to charge my laptop?
    • Please charge your laptop every night.  You can use your adapter to charge in the Study Hall, Library, and Resource rooms.  If you forget your power adapter, bring your laptop to the Student Help Desk in Room 109A to charge. Power adapters will not be loaned out.
  • How can I connect to the internet outside PTHS?
    • The laptop features WiFi for connecting to your home network or a public access point such as a restaurant.  There is also an ethernet port for connecting to a wired network.
  • Am I required to take my laptop home every night?
    • The laptop needs to be charged at home for the next day’s learning.
  • Am I required to bring my laptop to school every day?
    • The laptop is a vital school supply. You will need it in class just like pencils, paper and a textbook.  In some classes the laptop serves as the textbook.
  • How do I log into my Google email account?
    • Click the Customer Login button in the upper right corner of
  • What if I forget my password to the network/Google/Moodle?
    • Come to the Student Help Desk in Room 109A and ask to reset your password.
  • What is the procedure if my laptop is damaged?
    • The Accidental Damage Protection will cover the damage.  Bring the laptop to the Student Help Desk in Room 109A, and we will issue you a loaner while your laptop is being repaired.
  • What is the procedure if my laptop is lost or stolen?
    • As soon as you notice the laptop is missing, contact the technology staff at the Student Help Desk in Room 109A.
    • We will attempt to locate the laptop before filing a police report.
    • If the laptop is not found, the your parent or guardian will be contacted and a theft report will be filed.
    • Loners are not issued without parent notification and a police report.
    • When you find your laptop, inform the technology staff so we can close the report.
  • What if I lose my power supply or other laptop accessories?
    • If you lose something issued with your laptop, you will need to purchase a replacement.
  • How do I change my child’s internet filtering?
    • Call Amy Krause at 815-844-6113 ext. 320.
  • What do I do with the laptop at the end of the year?
    • All laptop must be returned by the last day of spring finals.  The laptop will be checked in at this time and damage fees assessed.  All laptop not returned are subject to a late charge and will be reported stolen.
  • Can I install my own printer?
    • Yes.  You may install your own printer.  The laptop supports USB and wireless connections.  To connect to a network or wireless printer, click here.
  • What if I have computer issues or other questions?
    • The Student Help Desk in Room 109A is open during and after school.