Attention Parents/Guardians:  The Class of 2019 immunization requirements for the 2018/2019 school year are as follows:   All 12th graders will be required to have a meningococcal vaccine (meningitis) on/after the age of 16.

The student Health Center will have the meningitis vaccine available from now until the end of the school year, if you would like your student to receive it while at school.   Attached is the paperwork for your student to receive the vaccination at PTHS.  We can bill your insurance; however, it is your responsibility to make sure your insurance will cover the cost.  If you do not have insurance, the cost is $20.  We can also bill Medicaid.  Proof of this immunization will be required before students can register in August.

We are pleased to offer this service to the students at PTHS.  If you have any questions, please call (815) 844-6113 ext. 255/256  or email us.   Mary Jo Krall, APN CNP;  Lindsay Masching, RN;  Norma Francis, Program Secretary

Vaccine Parent Permission Form

Parent Eligibility Screening Record

Patient Information Form

Vaccine Information Statement

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